ITO Japanese School London

ITO Japanese School London

We encourage each and every student’s progress and the continual improvement of our own teachers. The aim of our school is to improve the Japanese skills of not only the class but also every individual student. So even in a group class we still teach students according to their own individual needs. Our total immersion and direct method is very logical so you will find it simple to learn the Japanese Language.

We don’t want you to just say “I know it” but to say “I understand it” and to be able to use the Japanese you learn comfortably in everyday conversation. You will learn the correct and proper language that has grown and changed in Japanese culture and society over the ages. You will feel the subtle nuances of Japanese during the use of the language, which you can then share with your classmates that come from all over the world. From countries such as the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Greece, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Korea, China and the United States. You may even realise that you discover something new about their customs and culture during your class!

Is learning Japanese difficult? Our unique Direct Method through total immersion learning makes Japanese fun and easy for anyone to learn.

We welcome everyone who is at least 18 years of age or older to join our classes!

What our classess are like​

1. Pure Direct Method – Japanese only in your class

Our classes are developed and founded on the basis of total immersion. We do not go into explaining how to create sentences or the grammar behind them, but instead show you using a simple method you can easily understand right away. Together we work towards the way of Japanese thinking through practice and gaining a good command of your own Japanese. Through practice comes actual linguistic ability. To begin with, the fundamentals of Japanese are mastered through learning concrete words and sentences, and making objective observations about common items.

Expressing subtle nuances in Japanese becomes possible by developing a feel not only for the Japanese language but also the way in which Japanese people think.

2. Interactive Dialogue – Lively conversation

You do not need to repeat and memorise by rote at all to learn. We actively adopt the dialogue in your class. You will interact with your classmates and soon learn the true conversational Japanese that native speakers use. All of a sudden you will find that you are able to think and understand Japanese at an early stage of your studies. We will not leave you feeling like you only understand Japanese roughly and vaguely but fully and completely.

3. Speaking, reading and writing skills in parallel for making great progress​

There is no need to be frightened of Japanese letters and characters. It’s actually fun! The learning of the three types of characters is structured into the classes so you are able to master them gradually and fully. When you are ready, you will write an essay or journal to be shared and discussed with your classmates and which your teacher can also help with.

4. Not only friends but everyone​

To aid in your learning you will also role-play various scenes and encounters. You will learn the correct words to use in casual, polite and honorific situations, as well as the difference between interactions between men and women, young and old, family and work.

5. It is not only effortless but plain and simple​

Group classes​

1. Review classes are free of charge

You are welcome to participate in the class, as a review, free of charge. Just join a class at the same level as your own when you feel the need for more practice. It will help you become clearer and certain about your Japanese.

2. Three to Eight students per classes

We can start a new group course at any time with between three and eight students per class. Group lessons are small in size to give students more opportunity to speak and learn. In our group lesson system you will learn Japanese for 90 hours (Level A), with lessons twice a week, each lasting 90 minutes.

3. Catch up lessons provided when you miss a class

When you are unable to attend a class due to work or for any other reason, the option of booking a catch up lesson is available. You only need book in advance. Since this is a specially prepared lesson, a small fee will be required beforehand.

4. Find a suitable class focusing on your aims and targets

As the number of your class is small, we are more than happy to try and organise the curriculum according to your specific needs, such as conversation, business or exam preparation.

One to One Private Lessons​

1. Tailor-made lessons​

Tailor made lessons allow students to choose the subjects they wish to study, from focusing on business communication skills to preparing for holidays and special occasions.

2. Flexible timetables available​

For students with tight schedules due to work or school commitments we are able to arrange lesson times and durations that best suit you.

Course Levels

Beginners Level

Level A (90 Hours)

To begin with we build the foundations of your Japanese. We do not let you memorize fixed sentence patterns or drill scenes, for example, at a restaurant, hotel or airport. We don’t believe that is real conversation and is not what you really want to learn. We create the foundations first, not just by learning grammar, but through learning real conversation and talking as the Japanese do in their daily life. Starting by asking simple questions such as who, what, where, when and how and then by interacting with your class mates to form suitable answers. Classes are lively and fun and with real dialogue.

We also introduce the phonetic alphabet of Japanese words, known as the hiragana, and prepare you for communicating in basic speaking, listening, reading and writing. You will be able to read 300 words, known as kanji, as well as write 100 words. You will be able to describe a daily schedule or items, such as people, things, places, times and numbers, by using common verbs and also ask a person about their day and plans.

Pre-Intermediate Level

Level B (112.5 Hours)

You are going to describe things in more detail and express your feelings. You will use the proper form of word depending on the situation, such as casual, formal, and also the words for men and women. You will use connecting words to make continually longer and longer sentences.

We introduce the phonetic alphabet commonly used for words borrowed from other languages, known as the katakana, and further explore daily conversation, giving you the ability to express yourself and to also enjoy doing so. You will also be ready to take the level N5 Japanese Proficiency Test (JLPT) and be able to read 1,000 word and 250 kanji. At this level you will be able to understand Japanese Anime and Drama approximately 50% of the time without the use of subtitles.

Intermediate Level

Level C

You with be able to communicate using subtle nuances and polite forms of Japanese during conversation. You will be able to express what you think and feel with various phrases. At this level you will also be ready for the level N4 Japanese Proficiency Test (JLPT), and be able to read 2,200 words and 500 kanji. At this level you will be able to understand Japanese Anime and Drama approximately 65% of the time without the use of subtitles.

Level D

Students who complete this level will be able to communicate with fluency. They will be able to understand more about Japanese society and will be able to read basic newspaper articles. At this level you will be ready for the level N3 Japanese Proficiency Test (JLPT), and be able to read 4,600 words and 900 kanji. At this level you will be able to understand Japanese Anime and Drama approximately 80% of the time without the use of subtitles.

Advanced Level

Level E

After completing this level, you will be able to communicate with fluency as well as being able to express yourself in public situations without difficulty. When you see films, you can describe the story objectively and explain your opinions and feelings with proper reasoning. You will be able to understand more about Japanese society and be able to read basic newspaper articles as well as read 6,000 words and 1,200 kanji. Once complete, you will be ready for level N2 of the Japanese Proficiency Test (JLPT).

Level F

After completing this level you will be able to pass level N1 of the Japanese Proficiency Test (JLPT). You will be able to read and write more than 2,000 kanji and will become a perfect Japanese speaker. Most classes are conducted through debate of current topics.

JLPT Power-Up Classes

JLPT classes are preparation courses for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. Students in these classes will be ready to take the test for proficiency levels from N5 to N1.

Business classes

Business classes are available for those who wish to improve their general Japanese language skills to an advanced business conversational level. These classes include the use of Japanese in negotiations and presentations, as well as for current affairs, newspapers, etc.

Level check and trial lesson are FREE

We can provide a level check so that you can start at the most suitable level for you. We also give a free trial lesson so that you can see our teaching approach and how our classes are run.

Lessons at your company (on-site)

Are you looking for Japanese teacher who can support you to become happier and prosperous in your business? We are now able to send you practical, experienced teachers to your place of work. We have an abundant amount of experience in various occupations, professions and industries in Tokyo such as investment, embassies, manufactures as well as Japanese education for Technical trainees from China, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia and Moldova. We have held intensive two to three week Japanese classes for new workers before they start their placement at a company. In London we have experience teaching at lawyer’s offices, solicitors, accountants, investment banks and Ladies colleges. You will be totally be satisfied with bespoke curriculum prepared specifically for your field of work.

What can we offer you?

  1. Courses at all proficiency levels at your place of work.
  2. Smooth communication and service about the workings of your company such as reports, confirmation.
  3. Business correspondence with clients or customers. We can help explain, arrange and conclude the deal.
  4. Correspondence by e-mail or over the phone.

We understand the current climate here in London as well as throughout the whole world. And at times like these that faith and sincerity are of the upmost importance. Now is not the time to overlook important business decisions and budgets. Our Japanese business offering can help you judge the quality, fairness of work and also the impact of investments and their long-term sustainability. The value of education will be easily returned as profits by specific results and goals.