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ITO Testimonials

I've been going to ITO school for over 6 months now and really enjoy it. The teachers at the school are excellent. They are relaxed and easy going, but very good at explaining words or concepts in Japanese without having to drop into English. This, combined with the 'only Japanese spoken in class' rule, really helps you to get into the mood for learning. It's not scary, it is a lot of fun ;-) The classes are tailored to your needs so you don't feel like you are lost at any time. I just wish I could go to class every day so I can speak more and more. I highly recommend the school.
Paul N 12/02/2013
I chose ITO Japanese school due to their unique method of teaching: All teaching is in Japanese language. At first it is tough but soon one starts to think in Japanese which I think is the key to understanding the language. The teachers adjust their speaking according to student's skills. I have learnt Japanese language for several years and was practically unable to speak much until now. After about 10 to 15 lessons my speaking ability and confidence increased considerably and I recently had my first proper conversation with my Japanese father in law in Japanese after knowing him for some eight years!
Antti 05/03/2013
I’ve been learning Japanese for as long as I can remember, mainly through a combination of evening classes and self-study; I even spent a year teaching English in Japan. After I came back from Japan, I became less and less confident with my spoken Japanese, and I was quickly forgetting vocabulary and grammar. I tried to keep practicing, but was finding it difficult. I looked for a Japanese course in London, but couldn’t seem to find one for advanced learners. When a friend gave me a flier for ITO School, I decided to give it a try. I joined the advanced class, which is held twice a week. Having regular contact with Japanese native speakers is great. The teachers at ITO are very patient and definitely have a deep knowledge of Japanese; the class is completely in Japanese, and the teachers take a lot of time to carefully explain new grammar and vocabulary in an easy-to-understand and memorable way. We spend half of the class conversing in Japanese about recent news or other topics; that’s really boosted my confidence and helped me improve the way I express myself, which was exactly what I was looking for. The teachers aren’t afraid to correct you, which is something that I really need too, as Japanese people would normally never dream of correcting foreigners trying their best but getting it wrong! If you’re an advanced learner of Japanese and are looking for regular speaking practice and clear explanations of complex grammar and vocabulary, you should give ITO a try!
Andrew 04/03/2013
I studied at ITO between 2010-2013 and enjoyed every minute of it. I really miss it now and it's unfortunate that a side effect of being taught so efficiently is that you end up speaking good enough to get a job in Japan ^_^
I couldn't have done it without the dedication of my teachers, who went out of their way to make sure I could speak clearly and communicate efficiently. I still have my textbooks, which have come in handy every day I have been here. I would recommend private lessons if you can. You get an experience tailored to your needs.
Ryo 13/03/2013
I've always been fascinated with Japanese ever since I started watching anime, but learning it by myself proved to be difficult at times. I didn't like most of the textbooks either since they wouldn't teach me the stuff I would actually need to start a conversation until the end of the book. In ITO it's all different. The groups are small which makes individual progress much faster compared to your average language courses. You cannot use English at all in class which encourages you to find ways to express your idea with the words you already learned. The textbooks are also unique and designed specifically for the course, introducing you to new kanji in a lively and easy-to-learn way!
Roman 05/09/2012
Beginning my journey with Japanese language together with ITO is an experience I will most definitely always remember as one of the most pleasant in my life. After just a few lessons, I quickly fall in love with the unique approach to teaching Japanese that ITO has, that is from the very first day everyone uses Japanese to communicate, which is something I have never seen before. What is also great about ITO, is that you are in an environment with a very friendly and experienced teachers as well as great fellow students, that makes studying Japanese extremely enjoyable. After few months of studying with ITO, I cannot really imagine myself studying anywhere else. So, if you like Japan and if you are passionate about Japanese culture, and decided to learn or improve your existing knowledge of the Japanese language, then ITO is definitely a place for you!
Krzysztof, 20/06/2012
I am very grateful for the opportunity I’ve had to study with teachers at ITO Japanese School. They are professional, personable and experts on how to deliver both interesting and effective lessons. Thanks to teachers at ITO, my comprehensive skills for Japanese have greatly improved. Choose ITO – the No. 1 Japanese School in London!!!
Ansai 05/09/2012
My ITO School classes have been immensely enjoyable and extremely useful. The teachers carefully create language exercises around subjects and interests relevant me. Travelling to Japan at least once a year, I feel a considerable debt to ITO for the improvement in my Japanese. They have made my time there smoother and so much more rewarding. Never would have guessed that language learning could combine rigor and fun so seamlessly. ITO also prepared me very thoroughly … and successfully … for my first JLPT exam. Must find time to sit the next one …!
Tyrone 6 September 2012
I have found ITO Japanese language classes to be challenging, fun and very rewarding. One of the benefits of these classes is that you can go at your own pace, as opposed to working in a bigger class. This smaller class size also means that the teacher can give you their undivided attention, helping to nurture your progress. The course structure is well laid-out- I find doing the homework assignments enjoyable, which is a good thing as it means you're motivated to learn. Having an actual Japanese teacher is invaluable I think, as it means that you can practice conversation properly. Overall I'm really glad I went with ITO and I think you get great value for money out of the course.
Jim 08/09/2012
I enjoy studying Japanese at ITO school, the tutor are very helpful and professional. The location is easy for me to travel. I would recommend this school to my friends who want to study Japanese.
Wing 11/09/2012
During my Japanese Odyssey, I probably have bought enough Japanese study books to fill one of the wings of the British Library. And the dust that is collecting on them can probably fill another. I have also been in huge Japanese classes where you can act like a ninja and hide in the shadows if you so wish as no one really notice that you are there. ITO is the opposite of this. Thanks to the incredibly friendly and attentive teachers and small class sizes you feel compelled to make an effort and actually chat in Japanese. Which is a good thing because as strange as this may sound ITO is probably the only school in London I know where all lessons are taught only in Japanese by Japanese! Many times I hear people say that the only way to really learn a language is to live there and be immersed in the culture. Well, ITO is probably the closest thing to doing that and they even save you the cost of the air fare to Japan! I cannot recommend ITO highly enough.
Martin 12/09/2012
I highly recommend ITO Japanese school for anyone who wishes to learn Japanese and at any level. It is by far the best Japanese school that I have ever come across. The teaching method really works very well. The teachers are all professional, very helpful and friendly. They always make you feel comfortable no matter what level you are at, no question is a stupid question. I have to say that I thoroughly enjoy every lesson and really look forward to the next. I personally went for the private lessons. I feel that the 1 on 1 learning experience really enhances your ability, experience and interaction. I feel that I have developed a great relationship with my teacher. The workbooks and supporting material is of very high quality and are enjoyable to read and study from. The difference with ITO compared to other schools and styles of learning is that you really understand what you are learning as opposed to reciting phrases and sentences parrot fashion, which is really just a test of memory. In my opinion ITO Japanese school is by far the best you will find in London.
Lisa 17/09/2012
I've been studying Japanese before, but what I found with ITO is they really push you to use Japanese and Japanese only! There's no English in the class, it's difficult at first but it really helps you to communicate and understand natural Japanese. Studying at ITO has made me improve my Japanese ESP listening and understanding others., also it's made me more confident to use it outside of the class room.
Teachers are always friendly and classes are usually more like casual chatting and fun. I always enjoy my class and I never went through a class without laughing ^^.
I'm a cabin crew and my schedule is always irregular but ITO has always been able to fit me in somehow...
Tom 20/09/2012
We're very glad to have chosen ITO as the place to study Japanese. The teachers are fantastic, and the programme is unlike any other language school - very modern and thorough. It's important to understand how a foreign language works instead of just learning formulas by heart, and ITO does it effortlessly. The Japanese-only lessons make the learning fast and fun. We've been studying at ITO for over a year now and we've made much more progress than we hoped for!
Jakub & Magda 21/09/2012
I've been studying at ITO for about a year now and it's been so much fun at every session. Being immersed in an all-Japanese language environment has been a really effective learning tool for me. The teachers are friendly and patient so it really eliminates any sort of awkwardness that usually comes with learning a new language. I also love how the lessons are very flexible and really caters to any specific linguistic knowledge we might need. There's a lot of focus on the cultural aspect of the language as well, which is very important when it comes to really understanding Japanese. I can honestly say that I've made way more progress at ITO than I had in other schools in the past. Definitely the best (and most fun) way of learning Japanese!
Teresa 23/09/12
ITO is a very good Japanese language school located at the accessible, busy Tottenham court road. I found out the school from the Internet. The teachers are great and friendly. I am currently studying advanced Japanese. Although the advanced Japanese is difficult to learn and understand, the teachers always help me by understanding the problems I face in studying advanced Japanese. The teachers are not only patient but also amusing and thus, an enjoyable place to study Japanese. I would strongly recommend those who have a strong interest in Japanese culture and language to study at Ito Japanese language school.
Lee 21/09/2012
I started learning Japanese at ITO at the beginning of 2012 and it has been great fun! Speaking only Japanese in the lessons with excellent teachers really forces you to learn. I signed up for individual lessons due to work commitments and the ITO team has been flexible to accomodate. I have really enjoyed learning such a different language and am definitely looking forward to continuing my studies at ITO.
Cole 24/09/2012
Before coming to ITO I tried various methods (schools and even private tuition) in order to learn Japanese without much success. However after having been at ITO for only 9 months I have been able to learn a lot and in the process began to feel more confident with my Japanese abilities. I believe this is down to the teaching methods employed (everything is in Japanese; using English is frowned upon; all the concepts and words are explained in Japanese rather than using the English translation - forcing the mind to think in Japanese). They also start you off slowly and then gradually build up the pace and your knowledge as you become more familiar with the language. The teachers (and your classmates) are extremely friendly and approachable and make the lessons fun and exciting to go to (nice way to the end the day after a hard day at work :-p). If anyone wishes to learn Japanese I would highly recommend ITO. And if you have been trying to learn for a while and struggling to make progress then I would definitely give ITO a chance.
Zak 03/10/12
I really like ITO. These people teach Japanese in a way i've never experienced before in a class room and the way they manage it is amazing. You can't speak English because you're taught to process your thoughts in Japanese, just as if you're learning you first language again. While it has its difficult time, I don't regret and disagree with the method because it simply works. So for serious, passionate learners of Japanese - I recommend this school. If you have doubts about joining because you're not sure if its worth the money(due to bad experiences with another school maybe?) then I would say to you - just join & see for yourself because its worth the money.
Ben 03/05/2011
I've been going to group classes at ITO School for about 2 years. The setup here is very good - students are put in classes according to their ability, which makes the classes quite small and means we are all working at the same level and improving at the same rate. The teachers are very good, and extremely responsive to comments and feedback. Combined with the small class sizes, this means that the lessons can really be tailored to you and your abilities. Whether studying to pass a Japanese Proficiency test or just going to class to improve/maintain my Japanese level, I couldn't do without my 2 classes a week.
Pete 03/05/2011
Although I have only been learning Japanese at ITO for the past 6 months, it has been a lovely experience so far. The lessons are enjoyable as the learning atmosphere is relaxed and friendly ( you always hear the teachers laughing). As the teachers always make it a point to converse purely in Japanese with the students , both inside and outside of the classroom, this truly provides an engaging and immersive experience in learning Japanese. Besides, the small class size also helps make the learning more thorough and personal. So long as you're keen to learn, the teaching as well as the friendly teachers at ITO will definitely help you on your way to mastering the Japanese language!
Joanna 4 May 2011
Best Japanese school in London. 100 out of 100 points. Dedicated and professional teachers tailored-made the course for us based on our level which turned out to be very effective. ITO's unique way to teach - to make you get used to thinking in Japanese(Japanese only in the class) is one of the keys to its popularity and fame.
Jun 05/05/2011
Since I left Japan over 4 years ago, I have found it quite difficult to practice my everyday Japanese and have noticed my skills slowly deteriorating. It was by chance that one of my friends picked up a small flyer for ITO Japanese School, and since then, I have never looked back. The teachers at ITO tailor their classes to each students needs, adjusting their teaching methods to accommodate our learning styles. Not only do they keep us interested, they provide suggestions to alternative learning scenarios inside and out of the classroom. For those curious to find out more about Japanese and those who would like to improve their existing Japanese skills, I would highly recommend ITO.
Miranda 04/05/2011
I learnt about ITO Japanese School through a friend at work who had been making steady progress throughout the course of his studies at the school. Thanks to his introduction, I began my one to one lessons since last October and the experience of learning at the school has been a valuable journey for me. The teachers are excellent! Their teaching techniques and creative use of resources make lessons all the more interesting and motivating. The ITO version of textbooks and workbooks are also made and presented in a uniquely beautiful and user friendly style. I would recommend ITO Japanese School to anyone who is interested in learning Japanese.
Ansai. 05/05/2011
My name is Miki and I'm from China. I started learning Japanese 2.5 years ago at ITO because my best friend is Japanese. I was very impressed by ITO's way of teaching in a "purely Japanese" way. I made a big progress during my years of study and passed my JLPT Grade 4 with 80% last December. Apart from that, my Japanese course along the degree I'm studying is also benefited by ITO a lot. I would strongly recommend ITO to everyone in London who wants to learn Japanese. Believe me, you'll have great fun there. And God bless Japan!
Miki. 05/05/2011
I have been going to ITO Japanese School for a while now and I really enjoy the lessons. I had been to some Japanese lessons previously, but everything was translated from English and we wrote in Romanji. The lessons at ITO are completely in Japanese; I realise I haven’t even heard most of the teachers speak English at all. I much prefer this teaching method. I learn things a lot faster and it helps me think in Japanese. Although it is hard not being able to ask questions in English (especially when I’m tired) the teachers are always very patient, friendly and willing to help. It’s amazing how they manage to explain Japanese words and concepts, in Japanese in an understandable way. I might be moving to Denmark soon and I hope I can find some teachers that can teach in the same way as they do at ITO. More language schools should follow their example. I highly recommend ITO to anyone who wants to learn Japanese.
Kayode (K) カヨデ 06/05/2011
ITO is a very good place to study Japanese. You are not just studying from the text book here, you are also taught of a lot of useful and practical everyday language and common knowledge, much more than your level required. After I took the JLPT 4 exam (the lowest level from the old syllabus), I managed to travel to Japan and communicated with local Japanese people by using only Japanese without any problem. I like this school and I will continue my study here. 
Yina 07/05/2011
I have been studying at ITO for 7 months now and I am amazed at how fast and easy it is to make progress. With a busy schedule - as anybody else - I worried about being able to cope with homework and evening lessons after long days. But at ITO you will find that you learn almost without noticing it. Thanks to the excellent teaching system lessons are interesting, dynamic and really enjoyable, while homework is very light. I have studied three other languages before Japanese and ITO's system is simply the easiest, most effective and most fun I ever had! The small number of students in each class is ideal for making you feel confident and the teachers are always positive and enthusiastic. I highly recommend ITO to anybody who wants not only to learn Japanese, but also to gain a better understanding of Japanese culture.
Alicia 08/05/11
The difference at ITO is the classic Japanese-style learning environment, the close-knit classes and depth of courses, and the unique enthusiastic teaching method. I have attended two Japanese Language Schools in Japan, and after taking courses at several schools/in London, I can honestly say that only ITO made me feel like I was back studying in Japan again. The many charming decorations and beautiful images help to create a friendly cosy environment as though you’re really in Japan. ITO have a variety of classes from complete beginner up to a very advanced level which is refreshing to know, and the compact class sizes allow for more personal and tailored tutoring. The Japanese speaking only policy enables students to learn in a natural manner and at a faster pace, because it means not only are you taught in Japanese at all times, but also that students communicate with each other in Japanese. These three factors are what make ITO positively stand out, but ultimately it is the students who benefit from this through understanding the magnificent culture and confidence in speaking Japanese. Whatever your level or interest, if you want to study Japanese the Japanese way, choose ITO.
Anoush. 09/05/2011
I started learning Japanese at ITO nearly 3 years ago having had no previous experience of learning. I had no idea what kind of journey I was embarking on! Aside from a break of a few months I have studied regularly from that point and have grown more and more confident in speaking, reading and writing. ITO Japanese School has a great system of teaching with enthusiastic and dedicated teachers. The immersive environment is brilliant - One which I believe is second only to living and learning the language in Japan. Only being able to speak Japanese in class is a great method and pushes you to learn more elegantly. Also the attention to grammar gives great foundations to build upon. I would highly recommend ITO to anyone who wants to learn this fascinating culture and deep language. The atmosphere is friendly and the classes are fun but also intense. アイトの先生 - どうも ありがとございます.
Will 09/05/2011
I have been studying at ITO for almost three years now and I am still enjoying it very much. Because of my job over the past few months I decided to take private lessons and I now appreciate the many benefits. Also, the teachers have always been very understanding of my work commitments and help me to continue studying despite a very busy period. I have visited Japan a few times since I started studying the language and I was impressed on how the method really works and I now really feel that once I step into school it is like I am in Japan!
Cristiano 09/05/2011
Learning Japanese Language with Ito creates a really great experience. I started the class 4 months ago with Ito and I can feel the obvious improvement of my Japanese. I’m feeling even more confidence when I’m speaking Japanese with my Japanese friend now. I love all the sensei here very much as they’re friendly, care and thoughtful. They really tried their best to help us improving our Japanese skills. The professional teaching methods help you easier to understand all those sentences and made the class more interesting. It is like I’m learning Japanese Language and at the same time, I’m enjoying the class and had a lot of fun time after my whole day of tiring work. When attending the class, I realised that I do not only learn Japanese but also get to know more about the culture which is really interesting for me. I’m sure that in another 4 months of the class with Ito, I could be able to speak like real Japanese.
Glen 10/05/2011
I joined ITO as an absolute beginner three years ago and with weekly lessons and coaching, I have successfully passed N3 in December last year. I would attribute my progress to the teachers careful planning of each lesson, the small class structure as well as the interactive contents. I have made friends with all the teachers and also my classmates and I really enjoy the atmosphere at each of my lesson. ITO is definitely recommended no matter you are a starter, a Dorama fan or have lived in Japan for a few years because they will tailor-made your course based on your proficiency and interest.
Alice 11/05/2011
I've been studying at ITO for around 6 years, and it has brought me from a level of knowing no Japanese, to where I feel confident about speaking to anyone about any subject. The lessons are so good because they're taught entirely in japanese, and even though this might sound intimidating to start with, with the help of the brilliant teachers you very quickly progress to a stage where this is no longer an obstacle and you can think and speak entirely in Japanese. From studying at ITO, my Japanese has got to a level where I felt confident enough to move to live in Japan a few years ago, and found a job working in a completely Japanese-only environment; I really feel that none of this would have been possible had I not studied at ITO. I really can't recommend ITO enough if you're serious about learning Japanese, instead of learning in way that gives you a barrier, where you have to constantly translate into English in your head, ITO teaches in a way that lets you become truly fluent.
Daniel 12/05/2011
I have been studying with ITO for almost a year now and have enjoyed every moment of it. The opportunity to be immersed in a language is a great way to learn and to do so whilst have fun is even a better! Whether you are interested in Japanese for business or purely on a personal level I would highly recommend ITO.
Guy 13/05/2011
I've been coming to ITO for nearly 4 years and I've never regretted it even once. Although it was really tough in the beginning trying to learn via their "only in Japanese" method, I found it to be the best way to learn, you need to force your brain to think in Japanese and use Japanese as opposed to the comfort of just reading a text book which although obviously necessary at times, does not provide you with the practice needed to actually speak the language. The teachers at ITO are simply the best, theres no other way of putting it, I've had so much fun and learnt so much thanks to them that I really look forward to having my lessons. They really know what they're doing and use various ways to get the best out of you, that is way I recommened ITO for anyone and everyone, it really doesn't matter what your level is, they will show you the right path to mastering this beautiful language.
Hussain. 16/05/2011
I would definitely recommend ITO Japanese School as the school to learn the language. I joined ITO about 12 months ago and I have enjoyed every single classes I'd been to. I look forward to my lessons every week as I would always come away learning new words, new phrases and something about the culture I didn't know about. The teachers are all very friendly and helpful. Since the classes are conducted only in Japanese and in small groups only, they are very conducive to learning the language and this also encourage students to help each other out during the lessons.The lessons are structured in such a way that they have stimulated me to pick up the language not only through structured learnings, but also through conversations with the teachers and classmates. The flexibility of the courses also meant that regardless whether I am learning the language for examination purrposes or as a hobby, I continuously improved my skills in the language as suited to my needs. Learning another language is not easy but ITO has certainly made the hard work rewarding for me.
Poh Poh. 16 May 2011
Hello, my name is Chris and I have been studying Japanese at ITO for around 4 years now. After living in Japan for 3 years I came back to London and began looking for a Japanese language school to keep up my Japanese. I looked at several Japanese courses and schools in London and I found ITO to be the best in terms of cost, quality and flexibility. The small classes and all Japanese environment makes for a good learning atmosphere. Plus, the teachers are all very friendly and interesting which makes for fun lessons.
Chris 19/05/2011
I would not have been able to pass the JLPT levels four and three without the friendly support of the Ito Japanese teachers and the professional structure of every class. Each lesson is fun and there are always plenty of opportunities to speak Japanese, learn new words and work on mastering the grammar.
Victoria 19/05/2011
I feel really lucky to have found ITO. I spent a lot of time at large evening classes or with private tutors and never made much progress but I started classes at ITO almost a year ago and within 6 months I had passed the JLPT N2 exam! The total immersion teaching at ITO, where the teachers and students only speak Japanese is brilliant. Twice a week when I walk through the school doors before a lesson I feel like I am taking a little trip to Japan. The teachers are great as well; making a friendly, relaxed atmosphere in the class that really encourages you to speak and try your Japanese. The lessons are well structured and I find they test all parts of your language learning so you can feel your language skills progress. With the high level of teaching, relaxed environment and small class sizes you really get your moneys’ worth and now I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else.
Alastair 24/05/11
I always feel welcomed at Ito. I look forward to each class and also look forward to seeing my teachers! Ito has a lovely atmosphere that always brightens my mood and makes me all the more determined to study and work hard! The friendship you create with the teachers is amazing - we all learn something new each day! I'm very happy to be at Ito - for both learning and friendship purposes!! (^∇^)
愛緒奈 27/05/2011
One of the best things studying in ITO is that you can practice Japanese oral with different Japanese teachers. The teachers in ITO are all very friendly and understandable that you are not be afraid of making mistakes and asking questions. They also teach according to what level you are at, which is very helpful.
Janice 11/06/2011
ITO is the school to go to in London when you want to speak and study Japanese. No matter what your level is, as soon as you arrive you will feel as if transported over to a place in Japan where nobody speaks English. The patient, friendly and fun personalities of the teachers will make this a great and productive learning experience. I started here after having tried a number of other schools in London and also self-study at home for some time, but not really getting anywhere with that approach. After one year of weekly 1:1 lessons I was able to take and pass the JLPT N4 level test, and am now studying towards N3. So ITO is a great place to learn how to talk in Japanese and understand spoken Japanese, while also getting to grips with grammar, vocabulary, writing and reading. Highly recommended.
Johannes 19/06/2011
"I started coming here one year ago to build on my previous level of Japanese, in order to communicate more efficiently with my family and friends in Japan and also to potentially work there. I've got nothing but praise for these guys; they've built lessons around my busy schedules and are infinitely patient when I have off days and can't quite remember the right word or particle. I've begun to be more confident expressing complex ideas and feelings in Japanese, which is all thanks to this amazing school. I'm on private lessons which helps, but I imagine it'd be fun in a group if you all have the commitment. Even if you have a decent knowledge of Japanese already, I'd recommend starting from scratch unless you're very confident. It's worth it and you might pick up the odd thing here and there. I'll keep going as long as I'm in London. I'd go every day if I had the time."
Ryo 30/06/11
I have been studying Japanese at I.T.O for almost five years and I still enjoy and look forward to the fresh challenges that each weeks lessons bring. When i started classes i was a total beginner, i had no language skills beyond Konnichiwa and Sayonara. Now i find myself confident enough in my Japanese abilities to have visited Japan twice on my own and understand and appreciate just how much my teachers have taught me in this time. In totally immersing yourself in the language each week you learn to not just speak but also think in Japanese. I look forward to continuing my studies and would recommend the classes to everyone.
Russell 30/06/11
It has already been a year since I started studying at ITO and I have enjoyed each and every class. The teachers are friendly, patient and most definitely enjoy a good laugh. The classes are all in Japanese, which really helps you to improve quite quickly. Although I first started taking lessons for conversation, I am now studying for the JLPT test at the end of this year. ITO has encouraged me to take it and provides preparation classes for it. I would really recommend this school to anyone who would like to either improve their conversation level or take the JLPT test. みんな一緒にがんばろう!
Ramata 30/06/11
My name is Mizuyo, I have been studying at ITO since October. Before starting studying here my level of Japanese was a bit all over the place, within a month and a half of private tuition twice a week I was able to take and passed ^^ the JLPT N5. I have since moved to group tuition which I enjoyed equally, lessons are fun yet very effective. I will definitely recommend this school to anyone who wants to learn Japanese.
Mizuyo 04/07/2011
I started studying at ITO having read about their Japanese-only approach with the particular goal of improving my speaking and listening skills. Sticking completely to Japanese has been a challenge for me as my previous study was more focused on other areas. The teachers are very friendly and patient with even the most broken Japanese I can produce and are very good at framing their explanations in easy to understand ways. Beyond learning grammar/vocabulary, the classes are also very good for practicing natural, conversational Japanese, truly putting what I’ve learnt to the test and sometimes surprising myself with what I’m able to say or understand. With the private lessons, ITO’s flexibility is also to be commended. Together, we agreed the content, the pace has depended on me and the lessons scheduled at the times most convenient for me. As someone learning Japanese part-time whilst working full-time, this is all extremely valuable and I would strongly recommend the class to anyone serious about learning Japanese.
Julian 06/07/2011
I have been studying Japanese at ITO Japanese School twice a week for almost two years now.. And I have been enjoying every minutes of it! If you want to be in a class that is welcoming, engaging, geared to your needs, interesting and always a lot of fun, this is the class for you. I could not recommend ITO Japanese School enough!
Elsa 06/07/2011
I've been studying at ITO now for a few years and am still learning more and more. I can confidently converse with Japanese people, be it with peers or seniors. This is largely down to the fact that we always talk in Japanese in the lessons, and the teachers are very open to helping you with what you want. Of course we study from books and audio CD's, which means I'm continuing to learn a more rounded knowledge of the language, but we also always have the opportunity to have a normal chat about what we want and are able to direct the conversation to a topic of our choice. A good combination of being taught the necessary whilst also learning what you want the way you want. This is all made possible by the teachers being very friendly and understanding, while at the same time having small class numbers so that you all get to know each other in a fun environment. The proof is in the pudding, I've been to Japan a few times now and am still proud when people comment on how surprised they are to learn I've never lived there!
Zulfi 09/07/2011
After having studied for 2 years and a half with ITO, I went to Japan and was able to have meaningful conversations in Japanese with several of my friends. Still, I was not really satisfied with my conversational level, and I shared my concerns with the teachers once I came back to the UK. They have since adapted the rhythm of the lessons to leave more space for studying conversational forms. I really appreciate their flexibility and the way the lessons are adapted to my needs.
Matt 12/07/2011
Though I had studied both French and German previously, I had not expected my progress in Japanese to be as swift when I first began at ITO. As it turns out, I was happily proven wrong! Although it might seem daunting attempting to study Japanese without the use of English to explain concepts, I found it made the learning process much more natural. The teachers were always helpful and made sure to explain everything clearly; after nearly five years of study I find myself more at ease speaking Japanese than I do French, though I've been studying it longer! I would certainly recommend this school for anyone wishing to begin learning Japanese, or even looking to improve their skills in the language.
Melissa 18/07/2011
I've been studying at this school for over 3 years now. I took a year out to study my degree two years back but soon found out how much I missed my classes here at ITO. I came back a year ago and still happily enjoy the lessons. The teachers here are great; they are helpful, fun and have a great sense of humour. My lessons are geared towards me and I learn something new every lesson I go to.
Danny 09/01/2010
The principle of total immersion is interesting in itself - listening, reading, writing and talking in Japanese only from the point you enter the school! This method gave me a strong grammar framework, which is then used by the teachers to engage us with conversations tailored around our personal interests, bringing us new vocabulary linked to those particular fields. I have been learning and practicing my language skills since almost 2 years, and can only recommend this institution and their method.
Matt 09/01/2010
I joined ITO Japanese School just over 2 months ago now, and after each lesson I look forward to the next one. Having taught myself how to read and write Japanese through books, my speaking abilities were very basic as I had not much practice. With ITO Japanese lessons my abilities are improving, but more importantly I feel more confident. The teachers create a comfortable environment and are really helpful and friendly, which makes learning Japanese and having a conversation so much easier! The classes are really a lot of fun, and I recommend ITO to anyone wishing to learn Japanese.
Ramata 09/01/10
I have been studying at ITO for over a year now and I can definitely say I recommend this place to anybody. Right from the start its Japanese and just Japanese, that may seem quite daunting at first, but it's really not, the teachers know what they're doing, they have unlimited patience and are generally very nice people.

I self-studied for a bit before I came to ITO and even though I thought I had somewhat of a good grasp of the basics coming to ITO showed me otherwise, it showed me how important it was to study in this way. You'll never speak naturally unless you speak with and interact with actual Japanese people in Japanese and since most of us can't afford to go study in Japan this is the next best thing.
Hussain 10/01/10
I can highly recommend the ITO school for learning Japanese. The teaching method works and all teachers are very friendly and effective. Prior to taking lessons here, I had studied Japanese on and off for about two years at several other schools, both in 1:1 and class settings. While this helped me in acquiring a basic understanding of Japanese grammar and a lower intermediate level of vocabulary and Kana / Kanji, I never felt comfortable actually speaking Japanese. On the few occasions I tried to do so with Japanese friends here in London or while on vacation in Japan, I could never properly silence that inner voice of self-criticism we all know telling us how ridiculous our mockery of this beautiful language must sound to the native speaker. In addition, the invariable lack of vocabulary for whatever I wanted to express or understand in a given context and situation, plus not wanting to overstrain the patience of my counterpart, quickly made me resort back to English. At ITO, however, due to their strict adherence to always and without exception speaking Japanese – no matter how broken and wrong - as soon as you walk in the door, I am finally managing to overcome these inhibitions and feel more comfortable expressing myself in Japanese.
Johannes 10/01/10
ITO Japanese School is a fantastic place to learn Japanese, very conveniently located in the very heart of London (Tottenham Court Road). I have been learning Japanese at beginner level in bi-weekly one-to-one sessions since November 2009. Studying at ITO has so far exceeded my expectations, mostly because of the quality of the teaching staff, which applies rigorously its method of communicating entirely in Japanese from day 1. The classes focus mostly on developing speaking skills, while homework exercises are given to build up your written Japanese (expect regular “testo” to assess your progress!). This proves to be both a correct and very entertaining method, especially at the early stages of learning the language. The supporting material is also of very high quality -- students are provided with a textbook, a workbook, and illustrated hiragana card sets. The two well-designed books are clear, interactive and funny to study. All in all a great experience which I would recommend to everyone wishing to learn the language of this fascinating country!
Nikolay 11/01/2010
I truly enjoy my times with ITO Japanese School. The teaching combines grammar and speaking with an emphasis on encouraging students to speak only Japanese in class, this helps a lot in language studies because by pushing yourself to speak you are really facing the language itself. And it is fun too, as the topics aren't only about the text book but can extend to your everyday life, your interest, etc.

The teachers are all very friendly, they pay attention to each individual student, their levels and their needs. I did learn Japanese before however have dropped it for over 6 years. When I started to be convinced that I had lost this language I came across ITO and after a year, my confidence in Japanese is slowly coming back. I believe ITO is a good school for anyone who are interested in taking up this language.
Christie 12/01/2010
I have had weekly individual lessons for the past five years and hand on heart can honestly say that I have thoroughly enjoyed every one. When I retired from full-time work, I went on the first of several extended trips around the islands of Japan and was knocked out by the kindness, politeness and humour of the people as well as aspects of the culture – zen, wabi sabi, ceramics, kabuki, onsen, kaiseki, haiku, ukiyoe etc. During this initial trip I resolved to learn Japanese to try better to understand the values of the Japanese which seemed so attractive and different from those the West. Five years later I’m still on the same journey with a very long way to go but my personal priorities have also been profoundly influenced along the way. I try to study a little every day and my lessons have now evolved into a conversation in Japanese for about an hour about something that’s happened to me or some piece of current news, followed by half an hour of reading the dreaded kanji and trying to understand the source of all the nuances in meaning of different Japanese words that in English seem to translate to the same thing. The fact that I’m still as enthusiastic as ever speaks for itself and is testimony to the high quality and good humour of the teaching at ITO.
Paul 13/01/2010
I did not know what to expect when I first signed up to ITO Japanese School, I had only seen it through the net and I didn't know what to make of it. Once I went for the interview though, I was very happy to sign up. The teachers are very kind and understanding. They are very well suited to teach Japanese including their teaching style, techniques and ability to explain in clear, easy to understand format. Since I have started, my ability has improved a lot and I would recommend people who are interested in studying Japanese to attend ITO School, it will be a fun and challenging experience!
Craig 17/01/2010
At Ito, you're taught entirely in Japanese, so it teaches you to 'think' in Japanese, rather than 'translating' in your head. Although this is difficult to begin with, I progressed very rapidly and am now at the stage where I feel comfortable conversing entirely in Japanese. Before starting University I took a Gap Year, which gave me the opportunity to go and live in Tokyo for half a year.

Because I had been studying in a completely non-English environment, it meant that when I arrived in Japan I was able to completely immerse myself: I made a rule to speak only Japanese while I was there, which was difficult at first, but meant that I surrounded myself with friends and a job where no-one spoke English, which I couldn't have done had I not already been studying Japanese in the same way.

The best thing about having studied Japanese in such an immersive way at Ito beforehand was that it allowed me to live life in Japan in a way that would have been impossible if I didn't understand the language. It was still very difficult, but because I understood what was going on around me I was able to make friends and find a job without needing extra help.

When finding a job, I didn't want to speak English so I didn't want to do what a lot of foreigners do and teach English. I worked first as a model, but once I was confident enough to write out a CV and search, I was able to get work in a vintage shop in the Harajuku area, as well as in my free time drawing flyers for bands. Having achieved all of this, it gives me the confidence to know that if I want to, I can go back and live in Tokyo/Japan again, something I could never have done had I not already studied Japanese at Ito.
Daniel D 19/01/20
The ITO school classes have been immensely enjoyable. And I have noticed a marked improvement in my Japanese since attending ITO school. The teaching blends grammatical rigour and conversational topics. The teachers also prepared me very thoroughly for the JPLT test. 
Tyrone 20/01/2010
Always been interested in Japanese anime and when last June a job opportunity gave me more time and money, I thought it would be a good idea to invest in learning more about Japanese culture and language.

It's not an easy road but senseis have got the patience of angels and their method although quite frustrating at the beginning, helping me to progress smoothly. I even became quite fond of kanji, fortunately because I've got 1950 left to memorize!!

As sensei is always telling me: Gambatte Carine san !!
Carine 25/01/2010
This school has been fantastic for me. The teachers visibly try hard and enjoy teaching Japanese. They always want to make sure you fully understand the lesson and seem to remember from week to week my weak points to check I haven't forgotten anything.

Attending the school has helped me keep my motivation level high and I always enjoy the light-hearted banter with the teachers during the lesson. I recommend this school to anyone learning Japanese. Just try the trail lesson and you will see what I mean!
Elliott 27/01/2010
One may assumed that when I first arrived in Japan I naturally had jetlag, however as my flight arrived very early, I tried my best to stay awake all day and when I shut my eyes at night I finally became sleepy and fell asleep. As if I had had a normal day I slept properly. After two weeks I began to feel I had become accustomed to the Japanese lifestyle.

I naturally climatised to the city life as I was born in London. On the other hand I thought that it would certainly take time to get used to Tokyo’s unfamiliar environment. The thing is that unlike other countries it is rather unique. At a Japanese noodle bar, when the Japanese eat ‘SOBA’noodles, by and large they make slurping noises, and to this day I react unfavorably towards this. As a solution I may have to start slurping too.

I also saw a number of strange things. When Japanese people hand over presents they normally say something on the lines of “this is just a boring thing”. When English people hand over something, the item at hands image is normally spoken highly and even if I was to say the phraseology used is similar to when one sells something, this would not be such an exaggeration.

It would not be strange to say “this chocolate was made in Belgium and as it is only sold there, it’s hard to get hold of, it’s delicious”. Yet the opposite is thought of as strange. I am not saying “you must show off”, but I just can’t think how the Japanese frequently do things like lower themselves to be humble. It seems I have a different view of life from the Japanese.
Joel 29/01/2010
For me, wanting to learn Japanese was important but not just wanting to learning, but finding a school which would support me and teach me in a good way. ITO was it they automatically take you away from the English comfort zone making you speak only in Japanese. This is good because you automatically start thinking Japanese and pick up the language at a faster pace. The teachers are the best as you feel you have made more of a friend. I would recommend the school to anyone anytime.
Dami 09/04/2009
I have been studying in ITO Japanese School since November, and my Japanese are getting along very well. I was a total beginner when I first started to study here, but now I can start to communicate with others using basic Japanese. Teachers here are really friendly and helpful. They spoke Japanese all the time and this improves my Japanese really quickly.
Vivian 09/04/2009
I think ITO is an excellent place to learn Japanese. I teach Mandarin myself, and I think the environment is very important when learning a language. The teachers here only use Japanese in class, which lets the students think and communicate only in Japanese. Apart from that, the teachers here are very friendly and warm-hearted, which makes my learning experience very pleasant.
Miki 07/04/2009
I have been studying at ITO Japanese School for almost a year now and I believe it is a great school to learn Japanese. First of all it is a fun place to be so I always look forward to the next class. Stepping inside the school is like “being” in Japan as everything around is Japanese and the teachers tend to communicate with students in Japanese only (English is spoken at the end of the lesson if necessary). I am very impressed with the method adopted and the learning tools offered; in fact it often happens to me that after acquiring notions over some lessons “suddenly” it all comes together and everything starts to make beautiful sense.
I really see now that there is always a method behind this program and I trust it 100%. The speed you can learn, providing you do your homework (hoops!), is unbelievable.
The teachers have a good balance between understanding your own “learning time” (it seems to me they have inexhaustible patience) and at the same time being “strict” to make sure you achieve the goals you were looking for.
The also have social classes at the weekend to teach “Shodo”, the ancient art of Japanese calligraphy that is really fun.
I always suggest the school to all the people I meet who have an interest in studying Japanese.
Cristiano. 27/04/2009
ITO Japanese School has a great system of teaching with enthusiastic and dedicated teachers. From the moment I started the course I was thrown into an immersive environment and within a matter of weeks was reading writing and speaking Japanese on a basic level. Nine months on and I am now writing a diary and gradually moving onto the more advanced areas of the language.
I would highly recommend ITO to anyone who wants to learn Japanese. The atmosphere is friendly and the classes are fun but also intense. A mixture that myself and my co students have found to be very effective.
Will. 16/04/2009
My Japanese class is very enjoyable. The group size is small which allows all students to ask questions and communicate with each other. All lessons focus on conversation – speaking and listening – about everyday life. As the class is 90 minutes long, there is also time for studying the textbook. The chapters within the textbook are based on role plays and contain practical and useful grammar lessons. The teacher is very enthusiastic which makes learning fun.
Victoria. 17/04/2009
If you want to learn proper Japanese naturally as possible I believe ITO is an ideal choice. The staff are really friendly and do not hesitate to correct you when needed. I always have a lot of fun when I come here and learn a bunch of new things. Another thing ITO has which I’m really grateful is patience. ^ ^
Hussain. 06/04/2009
My name is Jason and I have been at ITO for a year. I like the fact that we only speak Japanese in the lessons and we learn to read, write and listen to everyday Japanese. I have learnt very fast at the school and it really helped me when I went to Japan last year. The lessons also help me learn about Japanese culture, which is useful as I practice Iaido. Learning the language has helped me have a deeper understanding of Iaido’s country of origin.
I have been coming to ITO for lessons for almost two years now and am still enjoying the lessons. I enjoy the way that the lessons change each week and remain interesting. My teachers help keep me motivated and have been a constant help even when I find something difficult. I would recommend the lessons to all!
Russell. 07/04/2009
A friend suggested that I should learn Japanese because of my fondness for anime and Asian cinema. Intrigued and a little intimidated at the prospect, I decided to give ITO a try.
4 years later, I am still attending and thanks to ITO’s passionate Sensei’s and teaching methods, I had the confidence to go to Tokyo on my own and visit the infamous Akihabara.
Colin. 07/04/2009
This school is by far the best I have been to. I have studied here for 3 years now and I have loved every minute of it I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to learn Japanese, be it beginners or people who have studied previously.
Danny. 06/04/2009
I have been studying at ITO since three years ago and I have enjoyed every lesson. The teachers are very friendly and skilled, and my Japanese has really improved. Now I’m planning to leave for Japan very soon, where I’ll brush my Japanese up.
Alex. 09/04/2009
I have studied Japanese for the last 5 years. Because I am not living permanently in the UK I have studied in other schools around the world, but because this is my favourite school among them, every time I come back to the UK I book as many lessons as I can. Besides the well known that teachers in this school are very well trained and very helpful, it is located just steps away from the tube station and the big stores.
Oscar. 06/04/2009
Hello, my name is Chris. I have been studying here for 2 years and really enjoy it. The staff are friendly and help you learn (all in Japanese which is tough at first!). It’s like a little bit of Japan in London ☺
Hello! My name is Steve. I lived in Japan for a year and a half teaching English and picked up a little Japanese. However since returning two years ago I had started to forget, I therefore decided to enrol in ITO school to help myself improve before my forthcoming trip to Japan. I am now studying for the Japanese proficiency test level 2 and look forwards to my lessons twice a week!
I have studied here for 2 mouths and I think I will continue studying. The lessons are quite interesting and I am loving it. I know more about Japan and Japanese from the school. It’s quite easier to learn a language by just using it. Here, the friendly and nice teachers communicate with us in Japanese, I will recommend you ITO Japanese School if you’d like to learn Japanese.
Rui. 14/05/2009
Friendly, professional and above all a very unique and effective method of teaching. As you are taught in Japanese, and can only respond in Japanese, you effectively become immersed in the language every lesson. This not only simulates real Japanese life but will improve your all round language ability lesson by lesson.
Joel. 25/04/2009
I have been coming to ITO for a number of years now, after having learnt Japanese to a very simple level at high school for a year, which simply whetted my appetite for this beautiful language. I feel I have been very fortunate to have stumbled across this diamond in the rough of a school, by way of a recommendation from a friend.
The lessons are always in Japanese, which at first makes for daunting but extremely funny lessons. Looking at the rest of the class’ sketches of elephants can be hilarious. However it was this constant speaking, listening, reading and writing of Japanese that made it possible for me to function naturally, and even flourish upon my first visit to Japan. I even began dreaming in Japanese!
Be it at a lower or a higher level, the teaching I have received here has always contextualized the subject matter. This has given me a deeper understanding of the language and the more importantly the culture. This has been achievable because all the teachers are Japanese and only speak Japanese with you, and above all because they are all so friendly.
Overall the knowledge you acquire at ITO is special, as I feel you will not be able to learn Japanese in such a ‘Japanese manner’ anywhere else. Except for school in Japan of course!
Zulfi. 25/04/2009
I started as an absolute beginner and have been learning Japanese here for the past 6 months on a one to one basis, and have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.
The first thing you’ll notice is that everything here is taught in Japanese, and you’ll be encouraged (if not gently forced) by the friendly teachers to read, write and speak the language from day 1. Don’t worry, though. The teachers here are all highly proficient at pitching their conversation at the right level for your language ability. They also have an uncanny ability to make sense of your broken Japanese, and then to teach you the right way of saying what you’ve just said. It can be unnerving at first, but the more you speak, the more you’ll learn. And with enough practice (and gentle correction from the teacher), you’ll even begin to wonder how you could ever have said “By home am bus I going” instead of "I am going home by bus".
I think the greatest benefit from studying in ITO Japanese is gaining the confidence to hold real practical conversations in Japanese using what you’ve learned.
Based on my experience, if you have limited time and/or have ambitious goals to learn the language, I highly recommend the one to one lessons. These might sound expensive, but with a little bit of hard work on your part, you won’t believe the amount of material you’ll be able to cover. And personally speaking, I think the real fun starts halfway through Course A when you start learning (and using) verbs.
I’ve always felt passionate about Japan and its culture and I tried to learn Japanese by myself but of course it’s not that easy. So I started taking classes at ITO Japanese school last March and I could not recommend a better language school. The teachers (all Japanese) are very enthusiastic and they actually care about you and let you learn at your own pace. Plus, the lessons are taught in Japanese only (great to learn faster), using textbooks designed by ITO !
Coralie. 23/05/2009
I first started studying Japanese last summer when I was in Hong Kong and I really enjoy learning it! I am so much better with the language now, both in speaking and in writing. This certainly has to do with the amazing teaching I have in ITO. At first I was not used to learning the complicated grammar structures in Japanese at all, I struggled in phrasing my questions right as well as understanding what the teacher was actually saying. But through time, my speaking skills have improved tremendously and I’m now fairly confident in speaking with my Japanese friends in Japanese. I will definitely recommend ITO to both beginners and advanced learners!
Vivian. 28/05/2009
The best thing about learning Japanese with ITO is the flexibility of contents and teaching style and approachability of the teachers.
I started as an absolute beginner with a passion to know more about the country and language. The teachers handheld me through the process at the start and became more of an encouraging and supportive role later on. I am able to explore the language while still maintaining creativity and interest. After just one year, now it is such a good feeling to be able to interact and converse with Japanese speakers outside the classroom with confidence.
I would absolutely recommend ITO as a place to learn this language and the country.
Alice. 06/06/2009
I’ve been studying at this school for five years with my Japanese improving all the time. Lessons have been interesting and enjoyable leaving me wanting to come back for more. I particularly like the use of Japanese only in lessons, which together with the small class sizes leads to plenty of practice at speaking Japanese. I’m hoping to pass JLPT level 2 this December.
Eric. 2/06/2009
Come to ITO and learn Japanese. Its not easy but very rewarding. There are also classes about Japanese culture, for example calligraphy. Sometimes there are also parties.