Japanese Calligraphy

Saturdays 14:00-15:00 (Every Saturday)
1 session £10 per person
1 book of 5 sessions £40


The class is really good, I find it quite relaxing, which is what I like the most about the class. I’ll send a 笑 character to a friend of mine. Another thing I love about Shodo is the strong looking characters I’ve seen on sometimes on old calligraphy pieces.Simple characters like 心 look pretty epic on old calligraphy.

Carlos 09/06/2016

I have deep respect for Japanese culture and especially art of writing ie (calligraphy). My aim is to be able to master the strokes in reasonable manner

Our session was structured in the way that we were first instructed what to do and then we were practicing under supervision. It would be helpful (at least for me) to focus on individual strokes one at the time rather than trying to approach whole Kanji – ones the strokes are mastered the characters are just about the right order and proportions Overall I was very pleased with the lecture and teacher.

Jakub 09/06/2016

I came across the ITO Calligraphy classes by chance, and I already look forward to it every Saturday. The calligraphy itself is both creative and challenging, the teacher is extremely friendly and helpful, and because the class is in Japanese I have picked up many new words, grammar and phrases! It’s also a great way to meet fellow Japanese language students, and share experiences and studying tips.


You could say that Japanese Calligraphy is more difficult than it looks, but that would be a gross understatement. It’s a good thing, then, that these classes are meant to be an informal and fun affair. The format is simple; watch first as the sensei writes out a word in kanji for you with deceptive ease, before attempting to replicate that yourself in the space of an hour. You’ll have some good laughs trying to get it looking right, interacting with other people who will all be sharing in your struggles, and perhaps learning a new skill at the same time.

Definitely a good way to spend a Saturday afternoon, and even practice some of that Japanese you learned a decade ago!


A leaflet picked up in Regent Street introduced me to Japanese Calligraphy. I was not a Japanese Language student but was interested in the art form. My first KANJI I was taught was hana 花 flower. This was very appropriate because honour for nature is ingrained in Japanese culture. Each week as a student you will be taught to write a different KANJI. The art of SHODO is not uniform but individual to the person. Your personality and character will be expressed in your execution of the KANJI. All the materials you will need provided by the school. You will use authentic ink and brushes. Once you start the course Saturday afternoon will never be the same again.

Vanessa 06/06/09

I really like these calligraphy classes, they’re so much fun! You don’t need to Pay for “blocks” or anything, just turn up on a Saturday at 4pm and enjoy learning calligraphy from a very talented and kind teacher. At first I thought “this is going to be easy”, but as soon as you mess up the first stroke you begin to understand that there is a lot and I mean A LOT more to this then meets the eye.

It is also very relaxing, it can be quite meditative if you want it to be which I try and make it so, but the feel of doing a long stroke is something else, not sure how to describe it, like your flowing or making something extraordinary (until you mess up…). Patient and practice achieves great skill.


I have been attending calligraphy classes for three years, and have always found it a wonderful and relaxing activity, despite it not being as easy as it looks! The teacher is always very helpful, explaining the stroke order and technique so it is possible for you to successfully create a beautiful piece of work (with a lot of practice!). After an hour session, it’s always satisfying to proudly look upon the product of your hard work, and to hang it up on a wall in your house for visitors to see.

Melissa 09/05/09

Saturday is calligraphy day! I am always looking forward to it… Relaxing and challenging at the same time. All thoughts of the week are away during this short time of concentration on brushstrokes mindful to ink and paper. And all in nice company with a group on Japanese Learners as well as others.